Thank you for your interest! We are glad you found us! The CCA is strictly a fellowship for those working in some capacity (stand-up, improv, writer, etc.) in the field of Christian Comedy. The following information and requirements is always being fine-tuned as we expand and navigate to fit the needs of a diverse and talented group. If you feel you fit the criteria for membership in the CCA, please fill out the registration form below so that we might keep you informed of CCA events and conferences.

Associate Membership Requirements

1) Belief in and adhere to the major tenets of the Christian Faith.

2) Involvement in Comedy. You may currently be working in some capacity in the field of comedy. Defined in a very broad sense: This work may be full-time, part-time or as a volunteer amateur. Place of service may be anywhere from corporate, club, arena or Church. Any form of comedic artistic expression from performer, writer, producer, director, agent or stagecraft including stand-up, sketch, improv. , musical comedy, sitcom, ventriloquism, etc. As a Christian you may also simply have a deep interest in the craft of comedy and a desire to support the use of comedy for outreach or clean entertainment. You are all welcome to join the CCA.

3) Agreement with and desire to honor the purpose and values of the CCA. Agreement with and commitment to the CCA Code of Conduct.

CCA Code of Conduct

As Christians in public ministry, we are called to live as “examples of the believers.” It is our desire to conduct our lives in such a manner as to bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ, to live in obedience to the Holy Scriptures and to be above reproach in our speech, actions, and the intents of our hearts.

The Board of Directors reserves the right by majority vote to deny membership to individuals based upon in-congruency of lifestyle to the afore stated criteria. We strongly encourage members to be in “good standing” with their local church and accountable to other believers in Christ. Members who violate the CCA Code of Conduct will not be allowed to post their names in the CCA Directory nor attend CCA conferences or events.

If you agree with all of these statements above, then you are qualified to become a member of the CCA. Currently our membership process is in a state of flux.

For the time being, if you are not currently a member, you may email our President, John Branyan, directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give him your name. He can then add you to the facebook group where all the interactions take place outside of the conferences.