Video Night Submission Information

Please Read This Entire Page Before You Submit Anything

Monday night at the CCA conference, YOU are the entertainment. We will be having our first annual Viral Video Night, in which we will take some time to highlight some of your hilarious videos. If you have a funny short film, sketch video or concept video, you can submit the YouTube or Vimeo link here. Our panel will be selecting the best and brightest, so if you have a great video, send it over. And if you have a great idea for a video, dust that camera off and put it on the web!

Submission deadline is May 31, 2012.

How Will This All Work?

The videos selected for the viewing party will be considered "nominated for an award." We will categorize what types of awards we will give after we have received enough submissions to make that type of decision.

We will then show all the nominated videos in each category and have the audience (the other conference attendees) immediately vote for their favorite in each category. Then, we will award the winner a prize of unspeakable fortune and force them to deliver an impromptu acceptance speech. (See the right column for information about this.)

What Can I Win?

Along with the unspeakable fortunes mentioned above, your winning viral video will be featured on the CCA website for the following year and labelled as the winning video in its appropriate category. It will also contain a link back to your website. (If you are not motivated by this then you don't understand search-engine-optimization well enough to be trying to market yourself to today's google-driven-world.)

Example Acceptance Speech

What We Expect From Your Speech

An example of what level of commitment/humor we expect from your acceptance speech is embedded above. If your speech lacks committment and/or energy, we reserve the right to take back the award and give it to one of the other nominees in your category who seemingly appreciates the nature of this award more. This feasibly could happen during your acceptance speech.

What If My Video Is Not Selected?

In order to submit a video below, you will have checked a box indicating you promised not to complain about your video not getting chosen... IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. Please know that we view this as your word of honor. Don't let the virtual nature of your promise cause you to stumble in your walk with the Lord. (Or possibly even worse, cause us to act awkwardly whenever we are near you.)

Feel free to bore those around you at the conference with what you would have said in your speech had your video been selected. This is not only acceptable, but pretty much what we assume will be happening at each table while the actual winner is giving his/her speech.

CCA Video Night Submission Form

Please submit the shortened version of your link if possible. If your video link is not on youtube or vimeo we cannot guarantee that we will watch it. This is so we can easily save it for hard-drive viewing on the night of the viewing.

This is not required, but could prove helpful if there is insight we should know about pertaining to your video.