This next conference is in Atlanta, GA!

June 7-9, 2015  Register on our site!

Clayburn Cox

"I'd rather go to the CCA conference than have
a root canal.

CCA Member since 2009

Jonnie W.

"I've been really surprised at how welcoming and open the CCA has been to young comedians like me. And now that I'm in, it's time to start shutting some people out, or at least developing a secret handshake."

CCA Member since 2009

Marty Simpson

"Make sure not to tell Jonnie W. that
we already have a secret hand-shake.

CCA Member since 2009

Thor Ramsey

"Why should the devil have all the good punch lines?"

CCA Member since 2001

Mike Goodwin

On why he joined the CCA:

"I just like joining stuff. Ask my Army recruiter."

CCA Member since 2007

John Branyan

"The human body is 80% water. I don't have scientific data to back it up, but I think the other 20% is regret."

CCA Member since 2001

Leslie Norris Townsend

"Being at CCA reinforced the universal knowledge ~
that Women in Comedy are way funnier than MEN!"

(Can you please sign Brad Stine's name
to this quote ~ THANKS

CCA Member since 2009

David Pendleton

"Ponder this question: If a ventriloquist threatens suicide, is that a hostage situation?"

CCA Member since 2001

Justin Fennell

"The annual CCA Conference is the funniest three days on the planet! If you are new to Christian comedy this a MUST ATTEND event. If you're a pro, you already know its value."

CCA Co-Founder


2015 CCA Conference

This year's conference is in Atlanta, Georgia!
June 7th-9th


What is the CCA?

The Christian Comedy Association is committed to offering faith affirming truth through comedy.

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Welcome to the Christian Comedy Association!  If you have a desire, ability or just feel called to encourage others through Comedy this is the place for you.
Chances are if you perform Comedy on any regular basis you have discovered it can be challenge flying solo.  If you have a desire or calling to do comedy it is even more difficult to find kindred hearts to share the journey. That is why the CCA exist. You WON”T get “discovered” through CCA or find that big break! You will find others on the same road that understand and want to journey together. You will learn, share, and discover you are not alone.  You will be enlightened to what else is out there and how to move your passion forward.  
Whatever your need as a comic (Fellowship, Challenge, Growth, Community) you can find it through the CCA.  The annual conference is a great place to start building your network of friends that actually understand you.   
If you believe God gave you a gift of humor for a reason… You are welcome here,
Kenn Kington
President  CCA

2015 CCA Conference

This year's conference is set for June 7-9 near Atlanta, Georgia!

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